Take A Magical Trip On A Luxury Boat Charter

A luxury boat charter Melbourne is truly an experience that people dream of. Even though most people already equate cruises of any sort with luxury, there is something special about a boat charter. Anyone who decides to take advantage of one of these cruises will be in for a genuine treat.

This is the perfect setting for a party. While there are venues in abundance in Melbourne, none offers the type of unique experience that a boat charter does. No matter whether it’s a more intimate gathering for a few people or a grand event for a child and all their mates from school, it will promise to be a great event.

These boats are ideal for all sorts of parties with the unique amenities that they offer. Indoor and outdoor areas make it easier for guests to have extra space. This is a great solution for parties that have guests of different age groups or different activities going on. Indoor air conditioning helps ensure that everyone stays cool on the warmest days.

Guests will have easy access to features that help make any party go more smoothly. PA systems help make sure that everyone hears the latest announcements, no matter where they are on the vessel. TV screens let everyone watch their favourite films, music videos or what might be happening on other parts of the boat. Many are equipped with their own DVD systems to provide a greater range of entertainment options. High-tech audio systems are ideal for those who want to enjoy music during a meal or who want to dance.

No matter what time of day a charter takes place in, food will be available that can be enjoyed while looking at the city skyline and bay area. Fun finger foods are ideal as light fare for private cruises where guests will be visiting other areas off the boat. A buffet is a great option that allows everyone to choose their own favourites, an option commonly chosen for birthday parties, casual weddings or hen and stag parties. A catered fine dining menu with full bar is a great addition to a wedding.

Many people enjoy adding special entertainment to a luxury charter. Casino nights are a fabulous way for adults to play their favourite games and see just how lucky they are. A magician can provide good, clean entertainment for young and old alike. For an extra taste of excitement, consider having the charter set up as a murder mystery.



Melbourne Nova Wedding Photography Services

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